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The Hewligan Big Bang!


The Hewligan Big Bang community is accepting prompt suggestions from now until August 18th. Prompts can be pairing specific, or they can be vague enough to fit any Hewligan pairing.

Ever wanted to see a story where Brendan was the psychic in Thoughtcrimes? Or a story where Rodney never blew up five sixths of a solar system, but actually got the Ancients' weapon to work? What if David Worth had survived the Cube and Alex DeMouy was assigned the task of telling his story? Ever wanted to see a story where Joe and David meet first, before Katherine and Jane came along? What about a story where the Atlantis expedition never happened - would John have ended up working for the SGC anyway, would Rodney still be in Siberia?

The sky is the limit for suggestions. The suggestions will be compiled and a list of prompts will be offered to those interested in signing up. The more prompts, the better!

This Big Bang is open to ANY Hewligan pairing - including John/Rodney and Joe/David.

Once the prompts have been compiled, a complete time line will be posted to the community.
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