ForCryinOutLoud (forcryinoutloud) wrote in psychic_snakes,

A Kiss is Just A Kiss...or is it?

There can never be enough Brendan/Emmett kissing!! So, I give you the Brendan/Emmett Kissing Meme.

There is plenty of porn being produced in fandom now, especially with the kink memes and communities going around but this is not the place for that. This is ALL about the kissage.

The Rules:

1. Just kissing, no porn!
2. Kissing drabbles/ficlets need to be in the comments to this post, not links to your own journal.
3. One kissing ficlet per comment but you can write as many as you want!

Feel free to pimp this elsewhere, the more Brendan/Emmett kisses the better! You can copy and paste the code from the text area below to link.

Tags: kissing!meme
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