ForCryinOutLoud (forcryinoutloud) wrote in psychic_snakes,

Today is the day! (MASTERLIST)

Today begins the posting week for the Brendan/Emmett fanfic exchange. All stories should be posted by the 18th.

If you could tag your fic with "2008 fic exchange" that would be fantastic. I'll go back and add tags for the authors that don't have a tag yet. :)

This post will serve as the masterlist for this exchange. I will come back and edit it as each story is posted. Again, please remember to include who you've written for.

tarlanx wrote Year of the Snake for threnodyjones
thisissirius wrote Own Comfort for tarlanx
neevebrody wrote Meeting Betty… an informal introduction for thisissirius
adafrog wrote Vegas for reluann
shetiger wrote Saturdays Are For New Things for neevebrody
threnodyjones wrote 417 Miles to Home Part One | Part Two for shetiger
reulann wrote Filial Obligations Part One | Part Two for adafrog

If you think you're not going to be able to post by the 18th, please let me know.

Thank you to everyone that took part!!
Tags: 2008 fic exchange, masterlist
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