May 1st, 2008

spikedluv: hand on chest by tazi

Announcement: Small Fandoms Fest accepting Prompts

The third Fest at smallfandomfest is now open for prompts! We’re pretty excited at the prospect of getting a bunch of new fanfic and fanart in our favorite small fandoms, and we hope that you are, too. But we need your help!

We need you to submit loads of prompts to entice others to write or create graphics, and if you know anyone else who loves small fandoms, please pimp us out to them!

We’ll be accepting prompts through May 21st, after which they’ll be up for grabs. For more information or to submit a prompt, read this post and comment there.

And if you’d like to pimp out your favorite small fandom, read this post and comment there.

Thank you!