March 20th, 2008


Exchange Fic: Filial Obligations - (Brendan/Emmett) NC-17

Title: Filial Obligations
Author: reulann  
Rating: NC-17, fluff with a dash of angst, established relationship
Pairing: Brendan/Emmett
Word Count: 8162
Disclaimer: Not mine, more’s the pity. Written for fun, etc.

Author’s Note:
Written for adafrog  , for the psychic_snakes Fic Exchange 2008. She wanted: a family reunion with a bit of tension, parents liking the partner better, and a happy ending. I hope this isn’t too much of the first, and enough of the latter.

Summary: When Emmett tells Brendan that they will have to cancel their planned vacation to visit his estranged family, Brendan can’t help but feel a bit apprehensive about this change of plans.

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