January 24th, 2008


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I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in taking part in another Brendan/Emmett exchange? This one would be a little different, a little less strict/organized. Basically, people interested would sign up, I would pair everyone up, send off your assignments as I did with the last exchange, but it wouldn't be anonymous - you would each post your own story (I wouldn't post it for you) by the deadline. I would hope that everyone would at least keep things under wrap until they posted ;) (ie not posting/commenting who they're writing for etc) so that there's at least a little bit of a surprise. But yeah, basically you'd be signing up, I'd be assigning someone to you and then you'd take it from there, making sure to post your story by the assigned deadline.

I'm looking at having a deadline set for sometime in March if there's any interest...

If there is enough interested we could also have an art section to this exchange as more Brendan/Emmett art can only be a good thing. ;)

Anyone interested?

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In regards to another Brendan/Emmett exchange...

I'd be interested in taking part in a more relaxed exchange
I wouldn't be interested in taking part in a more relaxed exchange
I'd prefer it to be run like the previous exchange
I'm not interested in taking part in an exchange at all
Another option that you forgot to mention that I will comment with