January 15th, 2008


Legs Don’t Duck

Title: Legs Don’t Duck
Author: yarnaddict
Rating: PG
Category: Drama, H/C
Word Count: 1885
Summary: Emmett worries about Brendan, Brendan goes stir crazy, Freya wins at chess.
Warnings: The end is schmoopy. Sorry. =)
Author's Notes: I had every intention of fitting porn into the story, but the boys weren’t cooperating this time. I think I managed to get most of the rest of jessebee’s requests in, though.

David Hewlett’s wikipedia entry states that his character in BvP was named ‘Steven Emmett’, though I’ve found no other references to anything other than just Emmett... In the interest of keeping ‘Emmett’ as his first name, I went with ‘Emmett Stevens’.

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Here About the Snakes

Title: Here About the Snakes
Author: miscellanny
Rating: PG13
Category: Impending slash
Summary: “I’m not going to roll over for you just because you know a little about snakes.”

Wow, he really should have thought that sentence through before he said it, on reflection.

Author's Notes: For darth_begbie. Sorry it's not as plotty as you might have liked - the plot exists, still, and might get expanded someday. Hope it suits, in any case. :D

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