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Title: Blame it on the B-Movies
Author: glitterfics
Rating: NC17
Category: Romance, First Time,
Summary: When their latest case grinds to a halt, Brendan takes a desperate long shot and emails a snake specialist based on a crazy thought Freya picked up from a suspect's mind.
Warnings: sexual content, fluffiness, swearing.
Notes: This was written for this summer's smallfandomfest using the Thoughtcrimes/Boa vs Python prompt: Long distance courtship. First time writing this pairing :P

Blame it on the B-Movies

Paid in Full

TITLE: Paid in Full
FANDOM: Boa vs Python/Thoughtcrimes
PAIRING: Brendan/Emmett
CATEGORY: First Time, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort
SUMMARY: Emmett spends several days in the hospital after the Roland incident and Brendan alternates between burying himself in his work – making sure the charges against Roland stick – cleaning the house like a man possessed and avoiding Freya like she has the plague.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Sequel to I.O.U. - for raphe1, written for help_japan auction.

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Hewligan Big Bang

The hewliganbigbang is open for author sign-ups. This big bang welcomes any and all Hewligan pairings (a David Hewlett character paired with a Joe Flanigan character) including John/Rodney.

Please read both the guidelines and the rules BEFORE signing up.

This is the current timeline for this Hewligan Big Bang.

September 18th - AUTHOR SIGN-UPS OPEN

December 11th - 10,000 WORD CHECK-IN

If you're not interested in being an author, we also are looking for betas and cheerleaders. We've also got a prompt post open where you can offer prompt ideas for any Hewligan story you'd like to see written.

Only authors and artists will be permitted to join hewliganbigbang, however all authors, artists, betas and cheerleaders officially signed up are welcome and encouraged to join hewliganlounge. hewliganlounge has resource material for David's and Joe's various shows/movies, and will be a place for authors, artists, betas and cheerleaders to discuss whatever they wish in regards to this challenge and Hewligan in general.

The minimum word count for this challenge is 20,000 words.

Your stories must be betaed by at least TWO betas.

Your art should be betaed by at least ONE beta.

Your story cannot have appeared anywhere else online. If you're planning to expand a shorter story that has appeared online, you're free to do so but you must remove the story from the internet until after the challenge is over and the story you are expanding cannot be more than 3000 words (the exception to this is a WIP that has NOT been posted anywhere online).

We are a warnings friendly challenge. This means your stories/art MUST contain ALL appropriate warnings. If you desire, we can hide the warnings under a color block, or you can place the warnings at the end of the story with a note in your header of where to find them, but the story MUST contain all appropriate warnings.

This challenge will NOT accept incest or underage pairings. This includes two characters not related by blood but who were raised as siblings. For the purposes of this challenge, underage will be under 18 years of age.

If you're interested in taking part, authors can sign-up in this post.

The Hewligan Big Bang!


The Hewligan Big Bang community is accepting prompt suggestions from now until August 18th. Prompts can be pairing specific, or they can be vague enough to fit any Hewligan pairing.

Ever wanted to see a story where Brendan was the psychic in Thoughtcrimes? Or a story where Rodney never blew up five sixths of a solar system, but actually got the Ancients' weapon to work? What if David Worth had survived the Cube and Alex DeMouy was assigned the task of telling his story? Ever wanted to see a story where Joe and David meet first, before Katherine and Jane came along? What about a story where the Atlantis expedition never happened - would John have ended up working for the SGC anyway, would Rodney still be in Siberia?

The sky is the limit for suggestions. The suggestions will be compiled and a list of prompts will be offered to those interested in signing up. The more prompts, the better!

This Big Bang is open to ANY Hewligan pairing - including John/Rodney and Joe/David.

Once the prompts have been compiled, a complete time line will be posted to the community.

Sentimental Affair | One Turn Deserves Another

TITLE: Sentimental Affair
AUTHOR: forcryinoutloud
PAIRING: Brendan/Emmett
CATEGORY: Humor, Romance
SUMMARY: "I’ll be home late tonight,” Brendan said as he quickly dried his hair with a towel."


TITLE: One Turn Deserves Another
AUTHOR: forcryinoutloud
PAIRING: Brendan/Emmett
CATEGORY: Light Kink, Humor
SUMMARY: If there was one thing his NSA boyfriend was good for (and Brendan was definitely good at more than one thing), it was that he’d taught Emmett some self-defense.

Announcement: Claim Your Prompts at Small Fandoms Fest!

Prompts are now available for claiming right here in the seventh Fest over at smallfandomfest! Please read the rules before submitting a claim, and then follow the link to the new database format to view all the prompts.

Prompts will remain available for claiming through July 31st when the seventh round closes.

Don’t forget, you can still sign up to pimp out your favorite small fandom. Read this post for more information and to sign up.

New Mod!

We have a new moderator here on psychic_snakes. neevebrody has been kind enough to offer to help out, adding tags for any authors/artists that don't already have a tag, adding new ones as needed (so, if you're an author/artist and are posting here, please take a moment to find your tag - makes it so much easier for those looking specifically for your stories/art to find you) and keeping an eye on things in general. Welcome aboard neevebrody! :)
Hewligan - BoaTC
  • tarlanx

NC17 slash - Coincidence - Emmett/Brendan, BvsP/TC

Title: Coincidence
Author: Tarlan (tarlanx)
Fandom: Boa vs Python/Thoughtcrimes
Pairing/Characters: Brendan/Emmett
Rating/Category: NC17/Slash
Prompt: #15 Blue
Spoilers: None
Summary: Brendan keeps running into a good looking guy in the strangest places, and it's purely a pleasurable coincidence.
Notes/Warnings: None applicable
Word Count: ~2140

A/N: This is for taibhrigh who asked for Emmett/Brendan--MOVIES!
Also: smallfandomfest and hewligan_100

Coincidence by Tarlan
esspresso cups

Fic: Relationship in Waiting (PG)

Written especially for forcryinoutloud. Thank you, dear, for all you do for fandom and especially for this pairing. I hope you enjoy it.

This story follows The Date written for the Brendan/Emmett Kissing Meme.

title: Relationship in Waiting
author: neevebrody
pairing: Brendan/Emmett
rating: PG
word count: ~4400
legal: neither of these characters belong to me
notes: Beta'd by the wonderful em_kellesvig, but some tinkering afterwards, so all remaining errors are mine
summary: The rush Brendan had gotten when the eighty-foot boa accepted his offering had been more like dodging bullets in a firefight; it had left him buzzing with adrenaline.

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